quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011

To Sofia (Part Two)

All great heroes knew that before a big adventurous journey, one should always seek the advice of an Elder. There was one in particular that he had heard talking about in fire place tales, one that lived in a cave that he carved with his own hands and that could see the future. But one thing in common in all tales was that this Elder wouldn’t give advice so lightly, one should earn his respect and attention and many would have been killed trying to impress him. But never the less our brave Blacksmith was decided to find his lair. So he left home for the very first time since his birth in one cold morning. He said goodbye to his brothers and father, kissed his mother and wiped her tears. Not to be worried mother, I’ll come back as a Hero and you will be so proud that your tears will be ones of joy! He left and following the tale of the Magical Elder he took the Red Road to the south towards the White Mountain. He walked many days and nights, only stopping to rest and hunt.

More to come...

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