quinta-feira, 15 de setembro de 2011

To Sofia (Part Two)

All great heroes knew that before a big adventurous journey, one should always seek the advice of an Elder. There was one in particular that he had heard talking about in fire place tales, one that lived in a cave that he carved with his own hands and that could see the future. But one thing in common in all tales was that this Elder wouldn’t give advice so lightly, one should earn his respect and attention and many would have been killed trying to impress him. But never the less our brave Blacksmith was decided to find his lair. So he left home for the very first time since his birth in one cold morning. He said goodbye to his brothers and father, kissed his mother and wiped her tears. Not to be worried mother, I’ll come back as a Hero and you will be so proud that your tears will be ones of joy! He left and following the tale of the Magical Elder he took the Red Road to the south towards the White Mountain. He walked many days and nights, only stopping to rest and hunt.

More to come...

sábado, 10 de setembro de 2011

To Sofia

Once upon a time in a far, really far away Kingdom called The Nowhere To Be Found lived a King and a Queen well beloved by their people. They lived happily since the first day they met near the Golden Palace gardens where they felt in love at first sight. Many moons had passed since their marriage but their dearest wish was yet to be granted. Every night they would climb to the tallest Castle tower, hold hands, close their eyes and together wished for a baby girl to the Blue Star. The Queen who was known for her dark eyes and wise wisdom often dreamed all night that a Great Bird would appear from the sky bringing her what she wished for so long. The King who had a hearth as big as the biggest ocean decided that he had to do something to bring back the light of happiness on his wife's eyes, those very eyes he felt in love with. He decided to call all the greatest Heroes of The Nowhere To Be Found land and offered a reward for the brave one that would find the Great Bird who lived in the Blue Star. Many answered his call, Knights, Wizards, Wikkas, Magical Blacksmiths, Yellow Witch Maids and even the Deaf Druids of the Green Forest. All of them attended to the Castle with the promise for the best result they could. Between them there was a young blacksmith who came from an ancient clan family known for having the ability to fly and control any kind of metal only with their minds. But this young boy so far was the only son of seven brothers to not develop any kind of magic powers. But what he lacked in powers he made up for in kindness and bravery and he was determined to only come back to the King and Queen mounted in the mysterious Great Bird with the future princess of the kingdom, even if that would take him all his life.

To be continued...

Get up on your feet and dance!

Electricidade, sim, electricidade no ar. Sinto-o na minha pele, eriça-me os cabelos, sua-me as palmas das mãos, acelera-me o coração. Tum! Tum! Tum! Electricidade no ar, consigo cheirar, tocar, roça-me a pele e arrepia-me os poros. Giro em mim mesma, rodopio pelo ar e sou átomo, sou protão e sou conduzida por cabos eléctricos invisíveis que me elevam ao céu e lançam entre si o meu corpo torpe, vivo mas sem vida, incontrolável. Brincam comigo sem piedade. Fecho os olhos já cegos da luz intensa dos holofotes, que cruéis me ofuscam. Sou obrigada a seguir o ritmo desconcertante da electricidade no ar, ritmo que me usa, que esfomeado se alimenta do meu espírito, me gasta a energia e as forças. Rodopio mais uma vez e caio no chão. As luzes apagam-se, a música acaba, um sorriso rasgado assome-me nos lábios, silêncio... e agora esgotada, descanso.

sexta-feira, 29 de julho de 2011

Feel like a fish

Today I waited until very late, almost closing hours, so that poll would be all for myself. It was getting quite cold outside but as soon as my bared feet touched the still water, a river of a nice and warm sensation flowed into my skin. For a moment I stood there, watching the light waves at the surface, so beautiful, such a waste they had to be destroyed so soon. Because I couldn't wait any longer, I had to swim. I had to fell that lightness of the body that I can only find in dreams. I often dream that I can fly, or that with amazing lungs I can reach the deepest sea... The feeling that I can go with the flow, that nothing can harm me, I swim and I never get tired, at some point my bones and flesh succumb, but me, oh no, not me, I will keep swimming until my legs turn into fins and my nose into gills... Now I no longer need to came back to the surface, I'm a fish now and I'm happy.

quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2011

I miss the road...

Quero voltar à estrada, perder-me pelos caminhos de asfalto. Perder-me e encontrar nos mais recônditos sítios as melhores experiências. É na estrada que encontro aquela paz, aquela solidão que preenche o meu espírito escritor. Na estrada controlo o tempo e o espaço, decido quando chegar e quando partir. Nela encontro as mais belas histórias que me fazem vibrar as pontas dos dedos, acelerar um pouco mais até encontrar aquela sombra de Pinheiro onde me sento e é nesse momento que me completo, e é nesse momento que escrevo.

I am a Writer - Hire me!

First entrance on a new blog! Always so exciting!
I've been thinking about this idea for quite some time, having a polyglot blog it's going to be so much fun. Because I can write in which ever language I feel like in that precise moment. Sweeet!

For those of you who find this blog randomly in one boring afternoon when outside is raining and there's only Miley Cyrus on the tv, welcome and enjoy the ride!

Hope you like it and if you're an editor/newspaper owner/travel guide magazine talent searcher/interesting person that wants to write one biography but doesn't know how to start... contact me!

Catarina Loureiro

English , Portuguese, Spanish (also German and French for short articles).

Obrigada and cya around! ;)